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ATG Discount Calculator Static Design.

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As I mentioned in one of my previous posts ATG offers four variable Discount Calculator implementations.

1. Item Discount Calculator

2. Order Discount Calculator

3. Shipping Discount Calculator

4. Tax Discount Calculator ( I am not sure if this calculator can be used in any country 🙂 )

All the above mentioned calculators are extension of Discount Calculator Service.  From the name itself you should be able to figure out the use of each calculators. Every calculators takes a Pricing Model as input. Pricing Model is a RepositoryItem of type item-discount. Calculator then apply the discount on the Pricing Info based on the given Pricing Model. On the course of study I have created a static design of discount calculators in ATG. I hope the class diagram would help you to grab the idea in single look.

ATG Discount Calculators

ATG Discount Calculators


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